Settlements and Verdicts

lady justice statue holding up scales in front of judges bench | Settlements and VerdictsHere are just a few examples of settlements and verdicts that our Wheat Ridge attorneys have won for their clients. Settlement and verdict amounts in other cases are not an indication of what your case is worth. Every case is different and your case may be worth more or less than the cases described:

Automobile Accidents

  • Our client was 19 when his knee and shoulder were injured while getting a ride from a friend who ran a red light and pulled out into traffic where they were hit by another vehicle.When he came into our office, our client couldn’t work, had no health insurance, no money for treatment, and didn’t even know if he would be covered by anybody’s auto insurance. We got him in to see an excellent orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed his injuries and started treatment right away without it costing our client a dime out of pocket. We examined all available sources of insurance and started negotiating with the insurance companies involved. Because of our reputation for bringing cases to trial when insurance companies fail to pay the fair value of a claim, we were able to settle his case for over $200,000.00 without having to file suit.
  • A 19 year old was killed when an RTD bus turned in front of the Mustang he was driving.  Results: SETTLEMENT with insurance company of car’s owner and JUDGMENT against RTD.
  • A mother of three was killed when an bus ran her over in a crosswalk.  Result: SETTLEMENT reached on behalf of surviving children.
  • Passenger seriously injured when thrown from a car during a highway collision.  Result:  SETTLEMENT for full amount of liability insurance coverage.

Automobile Insurance

  • Automobile PIP insurer refusing to pay lost wages and rehabilitation expenses, including a laptop computer and membership at a gym, for a man whose right arm was severely injured while working on a truck engine. Result: Full payment of requested items.

Long Term Disability

  • Telecommunications worker with AIDS wrongfully denied Short Term Disability benefits for over one year before contacting our firm.  Result:  Disability BENEFITS AWARDED during internal appeal process without filing suit.
  • Affirmative Action Coordinator of large industrial construction company with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia wrongfully denied Long Term Disability benefitsResult: BENEFITS RESTORED during internal appeal process and additional claims settled prior to trial.
  • Computer Systems Analyst with bi-polar disorder wrongfully denied Long Term Disability benefitsResult: BENEFITS RESTORED during internal appeal process.
  • Mental Health Care Worker with fibromyalgia and mental illness wrongfully denied Long Term Disability benefitsResults: BENEFITS RESTORED during internal appeal process.
  • Technical Support representative with chronic back pain wrongfully denied long term disability benefitsResult: LUMP SUM SETTLEMENT for past and future benefits.
  • Airline worker with herniated cervical disks wrongfully denied Long Term Disability for 1 ½ years – Result: BENEFITS RESTORED within 2 months.
  • A 37 year old woman who experienced a severe stroke was denied Social Security disability benefits and MedicaidResult: SSDI, MEDICAID, and Long Term Disability AWARDED.

Health Insurance

  • An HMO denied payment for pre-approved heart surgery and related treatment at out-of-network hospital.  Result:  HMO approved payment for most treatment dates during internal appeal and the hospital agreed to forgive the remaining balance.
  • Twenty year old with Schizoaffective Disorder denied Medical Benefits for long-term residential treatment during medication stabilization – Result: One additional month of inpatient treatment paid during internal appeal process and remainder of benefits paid in settlement after filing suit.


  • Ms. Welch was fired from her position as Director of the Smokey Hill Gateway Academy Childcare Center just five weeks before she was due to go on maternity leave.  Ms. Welch had been arguing with the company for over a month in an effort to get the company to live up to its original promise to pay her a portion of her salary during her leave.  We secured a federal JURY VERDICT in favor of Ms. Welch and she was awarded over $300,000.00 in back pay, compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorney fees, costs, and interest.

Home Owners Insurance and Construction case

  • Homeowners’ pool was destroyed when an Engineer and a Pool Company improperly drained the pool for an inspection of a crack to determine if it was covered by homeowners’ insurance. Initially, the homeowners’ insurance company denied the claim for the original crack in the pool and the other parties denied liability for the pool popping out of the ground. – Result: Insurance company paid policy limits and settlement was reached with the engineer and the pool company prior to trial.

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